Simple Ways to Cut Your Spending

by Sean Bryant on May 10, 2012

Many people find that they are in debt due to their spending habits. Buying small items here and there adds up when it’s time to tally the monthly amount of expenditure. Many individuals are aware that they are spending money on frivolous things that they do not really need or that make their life more pleasant.

In the last few years people have gotten into the habit of going to cafes to have their daily cup of coffee. The amount that could be saved by brewing the coffee at home instead can easily amount to several hundred dollars a month.

So serious has the personal debt load become that many people go online and search for websites such as  in order to find solutions for their financial problems. The best way to get personal finances back under control is to take an inventory of things that could be removed every month without causing personal hardship and then implementing a plan to remove these items.

Some ways to cut spending

One of the easiest ways to save money is to buy at grocery stores that have specials. Sometimes stores have sales for bulk items and these should be taken advantage of. Shopping in the bulk bin section is another great way to save since a lot of the cost in groceries comes down to paying for the packaging and the more costly name brands.

Avoiding pre-cooked meals is another good way to save. These meals are not always the healthiest and are usually fairly expensive because they are already prepared and only need to be heated. Cooking at home and buying whole foods is not only healthy; it also costs a lot less. For those who are busy it is possible to cook only once or twice a week but make bigger batches that can be frozen and then simply reheated.

Avoiding putting purchases on credit cards can save a lot in the long term. This is because many people carry a balance on their credit cards and the interest charges can be very high. Interest charges can add up to several hundred dollars a year depending on the card’s balance. Switching over to a low-interest credit card and paying for most items in cash can save a lot of money.

Not only does it save money to pay with cash, but it also makes buying impulse items a lot harder since most people only carry a certain amount of money with them when they shop. Around the home, it is possible to cut down on heat and electricity bills by only having the heat on when someone is at home. Only turning on the lights where needed is another way to save.

Shopping for clothes can get expensive, especially if there are several people in the family to clothe. A solution to this may be to shop at second-hand stores. Many stores carry excellent quality items that have been gently worn. Second-hand clothes cost only a small fraction of what items sell for when they are bought new. As most of the debt that people are faced with is due to excessive shopping in one form or another, it makes sense to try a different approach to realize monetary savings.

Another way to pay down debt is to get rid of all the junk around the house that is no longer needed by selling it at garage sales or on Ebay. In order to save money, it is simply a matter of training the mind to focus on saving rather than on spending.

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