Free Samples of Gel Care Advanced Scar Treatment

by Sean Bryant on January 26, 2010


Free Samples of Gel Care Advanced Scar Treatment

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Free Gel Care Samples

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  • Petula

    Cool sample.

  • linda dean

    please send me a free sample. THANK YOU

  • Louise White

    Where will I get sample?

  • Rosalind

    Please send me a free sample of Gel Care Advanced Scar Treatment

  • Sandra Bails

    I had a hand therapy specialist after surgery on my hands, and I saw results using the Max Powers Scar Serum. My scaring was very minimal, compared to others, who had similar surgeries, I had 6, on my left hand. I rubbed the cream in and kept it moist. A year later, it is hardly visible to the naked eye. I have to look hard to find the scars. Previous surgeries, did not do as well, I didn’t use the cream. Had surgery this year, again. Using the scar serum. It helps for dry skin as well.

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