Free Diabetes Books

by Sean Bryant on November 11, 2009

Free Diabetes Books

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Free Diabetes Books

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  • sarah

    im a diabetic and i’ve been going to childrens hospital for the past 5 years. and you can look at my records i have a bad control on it. i wanna take better control and i need help. i dont have money to get diabetic books but i was wondering if you could send me some. i’d really like to get my diabetes on straight and i can do it alone.
    please childrens hospital, help me out. i’d really appreciate it. thanks a hole lot. -sarah eggert.
    bellingham wa.

    e-mail: please e-mail me as soon as you get this. i’ll be looking for it.

  • judematricardi

    I Need a book with recipes and various foods that are ok tO eat!!!

  • arnoldmerriweather

    i need books on recipes,snacks and diets and controling blood sugar


    thank for yuor service to humanity

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