Printable Coupons

Printable Coupons

Since 2008 when the economy started to sink and people started to lose their jobs one of the fastest growing hobbies has been coupon clipping. Printable coupons are a very fast way to save anywhere from a couple of bucks to a couple hundred dollars if you do it right.  Below I have put together a list of a bunch of different coupon sites but first I want to go over some of my tips.  Yes there are tips for clipping coupons because you can either save a little money or you can save a lot of money.  First make sure you check out all the coupons you can get right here on FreeSnatcher.  Click Here

Coupon Clipping Tips

  1. First and foremost clip every coupon you get because you never know when you might need an item.
  2. Don’t be picky on brands.  Usually one brand is just as good as another and if you can save $1 than why not.
  3. Now pay attention because this is the most important tip that I will give you.  You don’t need to use your coupons right away.  Most of them have a long term expiration date.  Unless you absolutely need a product save them until the right moment.  What do I mean by the right moment you ask?  A lot of times stores will offer promotions or sales on items and sometimes they will offer coupon matching.  This is when having all your coupons will save you a lot of money.  You can either use them right away and get face value off or you can wait and get face value off plus the sale amount or even double face value if your store is matching.

These are just a few tips that I have learned from other coupon clippers and I hope they help you save a lot of extra cash.  Now here are the different coupon sites.  Some of these are ones where you print the coupon out and some of them you can just have it saved directly to your grocery savings card.

Coupon Companies:

  1. – This is probably the largest database for coupons that you will find anywhere.  They update everything monthly.
  2. RedPlum – This is one you might be familiar with because RedPlum is also in your local Sunday newspapers.  This is probably my favorite place to get coupons because they have some that you won’t find anywhere else.  RedPlum also updates fairly regularly.
  3. Smart Source – This is nother one you might recognize because it is also in your Sunday newspaper.  They add new coupons twice a month.
  4.  Cellfire – You can sign up and have coupons added directly to you savings card.  They update every two weeks with new coupons.
  5. Eat Better America – This one doesn’t offer very many items but the ones they have are always good.
  6. Betty Crocker – I am sure that all of us buys a least one Betty Crocker item every month.  They don’t refresh the coupons all that much but they do sometimes allow you to reprint them.
  7. Box Top For Education –  This site doesn’t have very many but usually you can find coupons on here that you can’t on other sites.
  8. CoolSavings – This one might be the biggest pain to actually get to the coupons but is worth while after you get there.  Just need to scroll down through a bunch of offers first.
  9. Organic Grocery Deals – I like getting coupons from here because they allow you to print up to six coupons on a page instead of having to print them out individually.
  10. Shortcuts – Another good paperless coupon site is Shortcuts. Check and see if your local store is  a participant.
  11. Proctor & Gamble e-Saver – The is another program that will let you load coupons straight to your savings card.  Check to see if your store participates.

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