5 Great Ways to Save Money on Home Improvement Projects

by Justin Weinger on October 9, 2012

Homes are constructed of wood, sheetrock, laminated materials, paint, pipes, and other materials that are sure to wear down over time. Not only do you have to contend with faulty hardware in the home, but you may have simply grown tired of the décor. Whatever the reasons, millions of homeowners are out there trying to pull off home improvement projects.

One of the biggest problems you’ll run into when attempting these renovations is the cost. Yes, it’s awfully expensive to improve your home. So before you get started, check out these great money saving tips.

5 Tips for Saving Big on Home Improvements

Use an Online Coupons

You want to find online coupons to help you save more money at the best store. Go with a hardware store or a store that’s strictly home-based, and then browse around to find a killer coupon. You can find coupons for 5% to 20% in total savings, as well as coupons for big savings on particular materials. These Ace Hardware coupons are a perfect examples.

Do Things Yourself

Hiring a professional to come into your home, even for something small like painting, is going to cost you an arm and a leg. Especially in a tough economy, contractors are charging exponentially more to cover their shortfall, so you’ll have to fork over the big bucks for the professionals to handle the job. Avoid this unless you absolutely cannot.

Find the Right Supply Store

There’s a lot of competition out there amongst home improvement stores, and while most of them do keep their prices in line with one another due to parity in the marketplace, they hold sales at different times. So you’ll be able to find material that’s a lot cheaper from one store to the next if you’re comparing locations.

Refurbish instead of Replace

Not everything needs to be replaced. Try sanding and staining those cabinets or adding new hardware instead of replacing them. Tear up your carpet and seal the concrete with an attractive finish to save a bundle on hardwood installation. Try different color schemes and molding options on walls instead of tearing them down. There’s a lot you can do in the refurbish category for little money.

Wait for the Deals

How many times have you walked through a home-based store to find a doorknob or some wood screws only to see that those marble tiles are on sale for $1 per square foot? It’s something that always happens. Everything seems to be on a great sale when you’re not in the market for it. Well, try to wait around for the deals to happen. Unless it’s an emergency, don’t be in a hurry to improve your home. Wait until you can find cheaper supplies when paint, flooring, countertops, etc, go on sale.

Final thought

With the five tips above, you should be able to save a lot of money on your next home improvement job. Use them in conjunction with one another, by finding the right store, getting the right online coupons, refurbishing more of your home, waiting for the best deals, and putting it together yourself. If you can follow that advice, you can completely any renovation for little money.

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