There is No Shame in Buying Used Items

by Drew Allen on August 17, 2017

Some may balk at the sound of “used”, like it’s some sort of disgusting product just because someone used it before.  I’m not suggesting that we seek out someone else’s shoes or underwear to try and save a few bucks, but for items that you might not use a whole lot, it can definitely be worth buying second-hand with a significant savings off the new sticker price, to tide you over until you are finished using them.

Maternity Clothes

My wife just giving birth within the past few months, I got to experience her going through the pregnancy stages, being able to wear her normal clothes, to eventually wanting a whole new wardrobe while she was in the weeks and months leading up to the birth of our baby.  While she did purchase a few items, she mostly noticed that most of her normal clothes could get her through the process, and mentioned there’s no point in buying all new clothes just for a few months of the end of her pregnancy, when we don’t plan on any more children.


This has to be one of the least used products in your house, and for sure in your closet especially.  Unless you have a wedding, a job interview, or an unfortunate funeral, if you are not in an office environment where you need to wear a suit, there is really no point in spending a lot for a new suit if you can find a used suit still in great shape, that will save plenty of money off of the normal price for something you will only wear once a year.

Children’s Clothes

As soon as you put your child into that size, it seems like they immediately grow out of it, so is there really a point in stocking up on brand new clothes for a premium price only to wear for a little while?  Especially if you have family and friends that are looking to pass down their outgrown clothes, you could look to score big, and can continue to look for different sizes until they finally stop growing, what, in college?

Baby Supplies

Speaking of kids, the short period of time they are babies it seems like the entire house is filled up for products that they will “need” during this stage.  From cribs, swings, seats, for this short time that they are in, you can buy used and in good condition for someone who was in the same boat as you, wondering why they never registered for this item in the first place.


I know what you’re thinking, who reads books anymore?  Well they are still popular, digitally and in print, and when you do read, how many times do you read the book?  Once?  There should be no point in spending full retail price on a book that you are going to read once, so look to getting a used gently used copy for less of the price, with all the same satisfaction.

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Your Ultimate Day Trading Guide

by Justin Weinger on August 7, 2017

Getting started day trading is a great way to really make the committment to exit the rat race. The rat race is a bit of a cliched term, but it really does encapsulate the drudgery and false urgency of most of the corporate American life. It can be daunting to consider how to get out of it and move towards financial freedom, but it is ultimately worth it.

The one problem that sticks out with day trading is that it can feel like jumping into the ocean with a bleeding wound, surrounded by sharks. Less than 10% of traders make money. More than 90% lose money. But, to be perfectly honest, that is a result of poor preparation and education than an indictment of the day trading industry itself.

When looking for reputable day trading guides, you want to find information from sites that offer good education and the tools you need to succeed. To learn how to day trade means learning strategies for finding stocks, figuring out how to enter them at the right time and how to manage your risk with each trade so that you can maximize your profits and minimize your losses.

The first step is making the decision that you really want to learn how to day trade. Then you find a site that offers accessible online classes, a community of like-minded veteran and novice traders that you can interact with and learn from. And a trading simulator that allows you to trade just like in the real market, but with virtual currency.

What you learn when you are getting started day trading is a need to be able to identify penny stocks that are about to make big gains, quickly and efficiently. The quickly part is key. You need to get in on the ground floor and have the discipline to lock in 5-10% profits, while getting out before the stock takes a dive. Day traders thrive on daily volatility, but undisciplined day traders get eaten alive by that same chaos. You need to learn to ride that dragon with aplomb.

Once you learn the proper techniques and strategies, practicing in a paper trading simulator is key to the next growth phase of your day trading career. Learning how damaging it can be to stick with a bad trade in hopes of a miracle recovery or staying in a hot trade too long and watching your big gains evaporate are both essential lessons for aspiring day traders. Trading simulators help make that less painful, because you are not losing real money.

To find out how easy it is to learn how to day trade, visit Warrior Trading on StockTwits.

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Items to Look Into Buying Right Now in August

by Drew Allen on August 5, 2017

The summer can be a time when you pay the premium price for such things as wedding, gas for travel, not to mention booking air, hotel, and rental cars due to the peak travel season.  It’s amazing the supply and demand when it comes to the timing of making purchases, so it’s important to buy low whenever you can.  Although summer may be prime price hiking season, as we get to August is when you can start looking for deals on certain items.

New or Used Cars

By now you will start to see all of the “summer clearance” sales commercials for just about every local car dealership in your area, so great if you are in the market for a new car, and annoying if you’re not.  Obviously take a look to the fine print when you see how cheap the deals are, what they don’t tell you is that price is with just about every discount available, but out the door will still be cheaper than the rest of the year, as they are moving the old models in favor of the new coming in.

Summer Attire

Sure, it may be getting too late to build up your summer wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start building for next year now.  The summer attire will begin to go on sale in favor of the fall line, so this could be a good opportunity to buy a new swimsuit, although it would be for next year, unless you can squeeze out another month or two of great beach weather if you are lucky.

Back to School Supplies

Even as an adult it’s sad to hear about back to school, as that means the summer has gone by too fast, and that means the kids are about to go back to school, of which you can start to shell out money for back to school clothes at top dollar, but can get a deal on supplies.  If you can wait until right after the kids go back to school is when you can clean up.


Speaking of needed supplies for school, the other kids (or yourself) could use an upgrade to the laptop, so now August and September is a great time to start shopping and you might be impressed with the deals you find.  Although we are pretty relied on your smartphones and tablets, there still is need for a computer believe it or not, so staying up on the current technology at a decent price is well worth the cost.

Patio Supplies

While there may still be a couple months left of nice weather, it will be scary that stores will be putting out Christmas supplies in no time, so they will want to begin unloading outdoor supplies such as patio furniture & accessories, not to mention BBQ grills and lawnmowers.  The great thing about grilling is that you can BBQ all year, so pick up a grill for cheap now to enjoy all the way through the dead of winter!

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How to Save Money the Easy Way

by Justin Weinger on August 1, 2017

No one can deny that buying new things feels good. Plus everyone can say that dining out beats cleaning up at home. Doing those activities is ok, but doing it all the time is not. There are many ways in our day to day lives where we can save money but do not. If you think you could be saving more without disrupting your lifestyle too much then keep reading!

The biggest aspect of spending more wisely is to know what you are spending your money on. There are many things you need to buy day to day in order to survive. This probably includes food, transportation, and clothing. Meanwhile you are probably spending money on things that you do not need to survive. You should label those types of items as wants instead of needs. Although those kinds of items are fun to have, they add up quickly and mean less savings.

The next time you are considering buying an item you do not necessarily need think about the item. How often will you use the item?  How long will this item last? Will this item really benefit my life? All of these questions and more should be taken into consideration. Be honest when answering them and you will be content with your decision.

This leads to another way to save money the easy way, by using coupons and promo codes when you shop. Many stores constantly have great offers that can help you save on your purchases. Are you an avid online shopped? Than I definitely recommend downloading the Honey plugin. Honey is practically a huge “pot” of coupons and promo codes. It applies the best one when you are at checkout. Not only is it super convenient and saves you time, but it also saves you money. Talk about a two in one!

Down the road you will definitely come across some expenses that you cannot just eliminate from your life, but you can choose to be smarter when you spend on these larger purchases. For example, if you are in need of a car, whether it be used or new, it is probably valuable to search through a variety of options all over your area. That way you can find the car you want for the price you want. To make matters more convenient you can do this all online at You can search by make, model, mileage, exterior color, and so much more all from your comfy couch or on the go on your phone. Plus if you are looking to make some money by selling your car, has an area for that too. You can sell your car directly to a dealer for the price you want or you can create a classified ad on the website. Either option you choose, they will be sure to assist you along the way.

One last thing to do if you are trying to save more easily is to download a spending tracking app to your phone. People do not even realize how much money they spend in a week cause they do not look at their statements every day. There are some great applications that are free for smartphones that can help with tracking spending. One great app is called Dollar Limit. Dollar Limit allows you to set a limit for yourself and reminds you to stay within it. Another great app is called Mint. It is similar to Dollar Limit, but links with your account! That way you can really see how you are spending your money. Both apps are free of charge!

In conclusion, saving in little ways can really make a large impact in the end. Think about what items you need are are useful and buy those items first, but do not just cut everything. If you are shopping online do not forget to apply coupons and promo codes, they can really help you save! Just try to be savvy when possible and know when it is important to compare prices.

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How Language Translation Can Save You Money

by Justin Weinger on July 21, 2017

Some of us are lucky enough to be bi, tri or even quad lingual, however many can only freely communicate in one language: English. Though it can be argued that English is the universal language, it’s not the only one, and there are still plenty of people who don’t know it well or at all. That’s a fact that we know, and companies know, which can be seen by the presence of multi-lingual product descriptions, ingredient lists, and even marketing efforts.

However, sometimes you’ll find that, whether due to a very specific target audience or budgetary barriers, companies do not make the effort to communicate in more than one language. This especially hurts when that one language is not English. We could be missing out on amazing products, great deals, or even subjecting ourselves to danger when we can’t understand labels, announcements, or instructions.

What we usually do is avoid these situations altogether by staying away from ethnic stores, foreign goods, or limiting travel abroad to places where they understand English well. However, that’s the wrong way to go about this. Though perhaps less convenient, there is much to gain by making the effort to translate the languages we come in contact with, even saving you money!

  1. Stop Paying Tourist Prices

When traveling, especially to popular destinations, you’ll find that business have adapted to provide an easy tourist experience for visitors. However, in addition to hiring multilingual staff and translating their offerings into several languages, they will have raised their prices as well. Every budget-traveling guide will tell you that when you stay off the main streets, you will access services and products which are marketed to locals in their own languages. On top of a more authentic offering, you will find more approachable prices, however, you might have to struggle through the lack of communication options in your native tongue.

  1. Make Profitable Business Connections

When you resign yourself to using a translator or a translation service, you open many doors for your business. Offering your products in more languages means more people will find you, while you can explore suppliers or producers who don’t market themselves in English. Investing in English to Spanish translation services and Spanish to English translation services can especially help companies in North America make the most of the NAFTA agreement and exploit the opportunities that it offers.

  1. Keeps Satisfaction Up

When something is unclear, it can lead to a lot of heartache and potentially lost money. Minimize the number of times clients are unsatisfied with your offering, meaning ultimately that there are fewer returns, refunds, and/or less damage to your reputation resulting in fewer future sales. When you keep your communication clear and both parties understand what is on the table, there’s a slighter chance of there being a grievance on either side. By using translation services or a translator, you can get to the heart of the issue and eliminate the guessing game.

Though translation might seem like a waste of time or money in certain situations, it can also be a huge win for you financially. Whether you are using it in a personal or professional capacity, investing in translating content can really pay off in many cases. Apart from saving money by avoiding getting stuck in tourist traps or paying special “foreigner” prices, you can also make a greater profit by expanding your market in terms of suppliers and producers, as well as increase client satisfaction, further raising the value of your company. Whether accessing these benefits means hiring your own translators or outsourcing this function, remember that this cost will be repaid in full further down the line.

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July 21, 2017

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July 21, 2017

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July 21, 2017

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5 Ways to Save Money on Buying New Clothes

July 17, 2017

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Ways to Save Extra Money this Summer

July 3, 2017

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